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04 June 2012 @ 09:31 am
Round 4: Summer of Lorne Fest Rules & Info  
Dates to know: Fest is opened from June 21th to Sept 3th

Prompt Claiming…
Each prompt may be claimed twice each—exception drabbles (drabbles have no limit)

You may claim more than one prompt over the course of the Fest, but only one at a time. You must post your submission before claiming a second (or third *g*) prompt.

You may claim your own prompt.

You did not have to submit a prompt in order to claim a prompt.

To claim a prompt, comment to the post with the following:
Your Name:
Prompt: (Copy/paste the prompt in its entirety please: Genre, Character/Pairing, Word/Phrase/Scenario)

When I accept your claim, I will add your name to the end of the prompt. Once you have completed & posted your prompt (fic/art etc), I will strike out your name, and the prompt will be free to be reclaimed. Once a prompt has been claimed twice I will strike the entire prompt out of play.

Minimum submission requirements: new works only

Any length 200 words+

(I’m defining drabbles as anything under 200 words) and any works of drabbles do not have to be claimed. You may write as many drabbles to as many prompts as you’d like, but they must be 200 words & under to be considered a drabble—ANYTHING over 200 words has to be claimed! I will delete any that are over where the prompt is not claimed. At that point you can claim the prompt and repost. If the prompt is out of play, you may repost again, but it will be out of play for the fest and masterpost.

What’s allowed Anything involving Lorne including crossovers ie: Slash, Gen, Het, 3some/4somes ;) Obviously we prefer slash lots of pretty slash! Note: RPS in any fandom is not allowed this includes rps fandoms for a crossover (ie: cw rps, bandom, lotrips).

Icons: 3 icons minimum
Other Fanart minimums: 1 large or 2 smaller pieces [Other Fanart includes wallpapers (large), manips (large), music videos (large), banners/headers (depends on size), colorbars (small), animated buttons (small), etc.]

Each person is allowed 3 alternative switch ups. What does that mean? See a prompt you like, but its slash a pairing you don’t write, but your muse loves the prompt, claim it as a (switch). Any prompt is eligible for a switch up, but only once per prompt-this includes prompts previously claimed/out of play (as long as it has no switch attached to it).

Post your submission or a link here at the community. Please use a header with your fic under a cut.

If you are linking your work it must not be friends locked. Either post here within the comm. or link to an archive like Wraithbait, WWMB, or AO3.

Although het is allowed for the fest, note the fic is not allowed to be posted in its entirety. Please list/post het in the subject line and header then link back to your journal or an archive like AO3 or Wraithbait.

Please include the following in your subject line: Lorne Fest: genre (slash, het, gen, xover etc..) Lorne/Character (use full names rather than initials or nicknames), Rating

Add the-- Word/Phrase/Scenario within your header, and your fic under a cut.

Last day of Fest is Sept 3th... main objective? Create more Lorne fic & have fun!

Ready, set.... go