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APRIL Pairing - Picspam

It's April! and April is Lorne/Parrish month! There is a thing-a-thon currently posting at parrish_lorne  so swing on by and say hi!

This is my manifesto/picspam explaining WHY I ship Lorne/Parrish. enjoy. (Manifesto orignially made for stargateland )

TA Manifesto

P3M-736. NIGHT TIME. Major Lorne and Doctor Parrish are walking through a forest.
(Well Parrish is walking and Lorne is toddling along behind him like a little puppy)

LORNE: You know, when they told me I'd be travelling to another galaxy, visiting strange new worlds, defending humanity against unimaginable alien threats, this just is not what I pictured!

PARRISH: We could be saving Earth -- right here, right now, Major.

LORNE: Oh yeah? How's that?

TA Manifesto

PARRISH: Through a greater understanding of the long-term effects of severe ozone depletion on plant life. You may not want to admit it, but it's a real danger.

LORNE: Oh yeah! Sure! Global warming -- Wraith attack. I see the similarity now, you're right! Yeah, it's great! (Parrish wanders off) Hey, not too far, Doc, OK?

(The easy banter, the sarcsam, the pet names!)

TA Manifesto

PARRISH: Ah, not to worry, Major. I don't think there's much chance any animal could survive the long-term effects of exposure to the sunlight on this planet.

LORNE: So not a place to build a summer home?

(Parrish spots something interesting!)

TA Manifesto

PARRISH:It's the fact this vegetation is thriving! Somehow it's managed to persist despite what should be extremely destructive ionising radiation.

(Parrish fondles Alien plant. Before long something else catches his eye!)

PARRISH: Oh, would you look at that?!

TA Manifesto

(Lorne shits himself. Parrish finds this funny, silly major! didn't I just say we were perfectly safe here?)

PARRISH: Now what is a Williamsonia sewardiana doing here?!

(Parrish skips off to look at it, Lorne sighs. Gonna be doing a lot of that, buddy. Lorne becomes distracted by his own shiny boots - he bends down to look more closely [so they're shell casings or something, go with me here] Parrish calls out in alarm, bad Major! you took your eyes off your scientist!)


(Lorne hurries to his side, Parrish has a dead Wraith. Oh Parrish, you're looking for plants not dead wraith!)

TA Manifesto

LORNE: Doesn't look like the sun killed him.

PARRISH: What do we do?

LORNE (on radio): Coughlin, this is Lorne -- any activity?

COUGHLIN (on radio): No, sir.

LORNE (on radio): We got a dead sucker here -- looks K.I.A., no more than a day old. We're on our way.
TA Manifesto

LORNE: C'mon, Doc, let's get you back to the Gate.

PARRISH: I-I don't understand.

LORNE: Well, neither do I. All I know is he didn't do that to himself. C'mon. Let's go.

TA Manifesto

(No one understands, except we just love the POSSESIVE way that Lorne grabs Parrish by his jacket and Drags him off)

What? this isn't enough? Well, further on in the episode, we have the following conversation

McKAY: So we'll be cold and miserable. Look, the cloud cover will depreciate a small percentage of U.V. rays, but ninety-five percent of deadly is still deadly.

LORNE: Doctor Parrish said a day or two of exposure wasn't gonna kill us.

(Still thinking about him!)

and then sadly nothing, for four years... untill... Remnants. Where we see Sheppard, (thinking with Little!Shep ) escorting Astro-Bontanists to the mainland.!

VOICE (offscreen): Oh my God!

SHEPPARD: Wait here.

(He runs like a madman! all these years in Pegasus have trained him well.)

SHEPPARD: What happened?

(It's Doctor Parrish. He is standing and pointing happily down at a plant with a red flower.)

PARRISH: Look at this! Huh?! It's a plant not unlike the begonia eiromischa!

SHEPPARD (despairingly): Oh, God. Lorne warned me about this.

Lorne warned you about this??? Lorne warned you about this?

Clearly Lorne has spent the last few years with Parrish!

There you are, my 'ship. I make no appoligies for this.

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