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Story based on this pic.  Thanks, shayasar , for the inspiration! 

Title:  Experimentation
Author:  Whytewytch4
Word count:  3,017
Char/Pairings:  Evan/John
Rating/Warnings:  MA for graphic slash sex, some dub-con and bondage
Disclaimer:  Don't own--if I did, I wouldn't be able to work.  Not making any money--not until there's a market for erotic fanfiction on the shelves of your local bookstore.  And then, I'd have to improve my writing a bit more first.


John stood, hands tied behind his back with a strip of leather.  He was naked and his head hurt.  It was September 21, the actual day of Evan Lorne’s birthday, which had been celebrated with cake and lots of hard liquor the night before.  Everyone else had left the party except for John, who had been too drunk to move under his own power.  He and Evan had sat on the couch, watching movies and drinking more.  He remembered the feeling of Evan’s hand on his thigh, and how his cock had twitched despite its pickled state.  Evan had leaned in and kissed him; his mouth sweet from the frosting and John had opened his own mouth, giving in to his junior officer’s demanding tongue.  When Evan had broken the kiss, he had nibbled his way over to John’s ear.

“Wanna play some bondage games?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper.  John had growled low in answer and the two had begun to undress between kisses and soft caresses.  Somewhere in the midst of the undressing, John’s memory failed.  For the life of him, he couldn’t remember what he had done.  He liked Evan, but he also liked women.  He’d never lain with a man before and didn’t know what impulse had driven him to respond to Evan’s suggestion.  Whatever the impulse, he had certainly not meant to be the one tied, but rather the one doing the tying.

The soft shooshing of water from the next room ceased, and he looked to the door.  He had expected to see Evan.  He had not expected to see Evan naked, damp, and toweling his hair as he exited the bathroom.  He had certainly not expected the sight to cause a reaction in his own body, and he frowned down at his twitching member.

Evan looked up.  “Glad you’re awake, John.”  He moved toward Sheppard.  “I was beginning to worry.  You wouldn’t let me untie your bindings and I was afraid you’d be hurt.  Are you all right?”  Evan turned John to gently massage his wrists.

John inhaled sharply as Evan’s touch made his groin tighten.  “Look, Evan, I—“

“Shhh.  I’m glad you stayed, John.  I’ve wanted you for so long.  You never expressed any interest in me, or in men for that matter.  I was terrified when I asked you to stay last night.  I know that sounds silly after all the truly terrifying things we’ve been through, but…” Evan’s tight smile let John know that his junior officer was still afraid of his rejection. 

John let his gaze roam from Evan’s beautiful gray eyes—almost black in the dark of the room and wide with fear—down to his powerful shoulders, strong chest and narrow waist.  Evan’s erection twitched against his abdomen and John swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry with a combination of fright and desire.  John liked to buck the system, liked to experiment and, he admitted to himself as he finished his scrutiny of Evan’s naked body, he could certainly do worse for his first time with a man.  Even so, John Sheppard had a reputation for being a ladies’ man and a man’s man, just not in that way.  Much as John wanted Evan, he was afraid of losing the respect of those under his command, and he had so many under his command.  His eyes were full of regret as they met Evan’s once more.

“Look Evan, I’ve never, I mean, that is, I’ve only ever been with, you know.  Women.”

Evan smiled lopsidedly at John.  “I figured that out, John.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you were here like this.” 

Evan stepped behind him and John felt Evan’s fingers on his wrists.  “What are you doing?”

“Untying you, sir.  Your clothes are on the chair.  I folded them.”

The bindings fell to the floor and John brought his arms in front of him, massaging his sore wrists.  He turned to see Evan walking for the chair and the neatly stacked clothing thereon.  Lorne grabbed the clothes and returned, handing them up to John.  Sheppard looked into Evan’s eyes—the depth of the misery there surprised him.  Suddenly, he wanted this, wanted to be with Evan, and everyone else’s opinions be damned.  He took Evan’s head in his hands and bent to place a gentle kiss on the man’s lips.  Evan’s eyes were closed in bliss as they broke apart, but he soon opened them.

“Sir, you don’t have to—“

“I know, Evan.  I want to.”

Lorne sighed, letting the clothes drop to the floor as John leaned in once more, his tongue demanding entrance to Evan’s mouth and receiving it willingly.  He felt Evan’s hands on his arms, his back, the strong fingers gently fluttering over his skin.  He shivered as Evan’s fingers floated up and down over his back, going no further than his the base of his spine.  He ran his own hands across Evan’s muscular shoulders and down his arms, then back to hold Evan’s chin once more.  He continued to use his mouth, kissing Evan’s lips, his face, his neck.  He stifled a groan against Evan’s neck as he felt cool fingers grasp his manhood and begin to stroke it. Evan’s strokes were sure and steady, his thumb flicked up now and again to glide across the top of John’s erection, never breaking the rhythm. 

“Jesus, Evan,” John growled, his eyes closed in pure bliss.  Evan grabbed John’s hand and put it on his own thick erection, guiding John to stroke in the same rhythm.  Their bodies were so close that their cocks touched now and again as they stroked each other, and then, quite suddenly, Evan called a halt.  John’s hand was empty and his cock twitched in agitation at the loss of sensation, but not for long. 

Evan dropped to his knees and softly blew on John’s straining member.  He grasped John’s shaft and leaned forward, his tongue darting out to lick the pearl of pre-cum before he laved the head of John’s cock.  John gasped once more as Evan opened his mouth and began to consume Sheppard’s erection.  Evan’s head dropped back and he worked his tongue along the thick flesh as he pushed John’s organ deeper into his mouth.  John felt the resistance for a moment and Evan choked a bit before forging forward to take John’s erection down his throat.  John watched in fascination as his flesh slowly disappeared into Evan’s stretched mouth.  He had seen women try often enough, but there was something so much…more…about watching his junior officer swallow him whole.

“Christ, Evan, that feels great.”  Evan put his hands on John’s buttocks, urging him forward, and began to thrust his head back and forth.  John got into the rhythm, stroking his cock in and out of Evan’s mouth as his hands rested on Evan’s head.  Evan continued to suck and lick, his tongue swirling along John’s member as John fucked him.  John felt his balls constrict, a sure sign.

“I’m cumming,” he warned Evan with a gasp, expecting Lorne to pull off, surprised when he didn’t.  He felt the pulses travel down his cock and spurt into Evan’s throat, too far down to really say that Evan swallowed.  He moaned as Evan pulled back, sucking on the rapidly softening member as he released it.  Evan looked up at him, grinning impudently.

“Now for those bondage games, Colonel.”

John raised an eyebrow, but let Evan lead him to the bed and tie him to the four posts; he was expecting to have to return the favor and was a bit nervous.  He worried his lower lip as Evan crawled over him, kissing his mouth, his eyes, his cheeks, his neck. 

“It’ll be all right, sir.  Don’t worry.”  John wasn’t so sure of that as Evan turned around so that he was kneeling over John’s face, his thick member twitching a mere inch or so from John’s nose.  Evan rose up a bit, pushing the head of his cock toward John’s mouth with one hand, balancing on the other.  “Open wide, sir.”

“Are you sure you don’t just wanna beat me a bit and jerk off?”

Evan flipped his leg over John’s head.  “I’m not gonna rape you, John.  If you don’t wanna do this, just let me know.”

“No, I want to.”  Evan looked askance at him.  “Really, I do.  It’s just…new…being on this end of things, is all.”  At Evan’s continued gimlet stare, John licked his lips and glanced at Evan’s cock.  “Just go easy on me, okay?”

Evan smiled.  “I will.  I promise.”  He flipped his leg back over John’s head and John felt the warmth enclose him as he lay with his head trapped between Lorne’s legs.  Evan pushed the head of his cock once more toward John’s mouth, but this time, John opened for him.  Evan kept himself high up on his knees, only allowing the head of his cock and a small bit of the shaft into John’s mouth.  John licked and sucked, hoping he was giving Evan a good time; the man was maddeningly in control as he slowly pressed more of his silky flesh into John’s mouth.  John began to panic and choke as more and more of Evan’s cock entered his mouth, forcing the head into the top of his throat.

“Relax, John.  Breathe through your nose.  Breathe slowly.  That’s it.”  Evan pushed again and John felt his throat open to the invading organ.  He felt a small sense of pride as he took more and more of Evan’s erection into his throat without choking.  Soon, Evan’s pubic hairs were tickling his nose and he fought off the urge to sneeze.  Lorne smelled wonderful, though—warm water and soap, and the musk of a man combined to make John’s flaccid penis begin to rise once more.  Evan pulled out a bit and stroked back in, repeating the process harder, faster, and thrusting more and more of his length in and out each time.  With a cry, he shuddered, releasing his load deep down John’s throat; faintly, John tasted salt and then Evan was riding him more.

“Suck it, John.  Get me hard again.”

John did as he was told, though his mouth was sore, as was his throat, and he wanted desperately to breathe through his mouth.  He began to struggle and Evan chuckled.

“Now, sir, they wouldn’t call it bondage if there wasn’t some discomfort.  I know how your mouth hurts—mine did, too, the first time.  But don’t worry, I’m not gonna cum down your throat again, just gonna fuck it a little ‘til I’m hard.  That’s nice, John.  Mmmm.  No teeth, now.  Better.”

John was choking, drowning in a sea of cock-flesh.  He wanted Evan to stop, but at the same time, there was a thrill to having Evan take over and refuse to stop.  Evan’s cock thickened and lengthened rapidly in John’s tight mouth.  He played his tongue along the shaft, helping Evan to harden.  Evan slowly pulled out of John’s mouth and made his way to the middle of the bed, until he lay between Sheppard’s legs.  He bent down and pulled John’s hips up to his mouth.  John felt the world explode as Evan’s mouth once more found his cock, this time switching off to suckle his balls.  He felt Evan’s finger rub along the crack of his ass and alarm bells went off in his head.  Before he could speak, Evan had risen from the bed.  He moved to the little nightstand and took out another length of silk.  John nearly choked as the silk-wrapped rubber ball was inserted into his mouth and Evan forced his head forward so he could tie the ends of the silk.  John’s eyes widened as he saw Evan reach once more into the drawer, this time pulling out a very large tube of lubricant and a dildo that looked like John Holmes had been the model.

John fought against the gag as Evan once more positioned himself between John’s legs, squeezing a bit of the lube onto his fingers.  John felt the cool gel touch behind his balls and clenched his ass in response.

“Now, John.  It’ll hurt less if you un-clench.”  Evan slipped the finger down further until he was playing along the edge of John’s virgin hole.  John couldn’t help it—he felt his anus contract as Evan wiggled his finger into it.  He winced as Evan pushed deeper, nearly sighing in relief as Evan pulled the finger out.  Once more the digit entered his ass, and then Evan was setting a rhythm—in and out, smooth as butter.  Another finger joined the first and John grunted in pain, but soon his hips were bucking under Evan’s controlled movements. 

Need filled John’s gut.  He knew it would hurt, but if the pleasure was anywhere near what he was getting from Evan’s fingers, he was willing to chance it.  He whimpered behind the gag as Evan pulled the digits from his ass, his cry of pain muffled as Evan inserted more—it felt like his whole damned hand, but then John felt Evan’s thumb massaging his flesh as the four fingers wiggled inside his hole.  Evan began thrusting, using all of his considerable strength, and John’s head tossed back and forth, his hips undulating madly as Evan worked him over.  John spilled his seed all over his belly, barely conscious of Evan chuckling, fully aware of him pulling his fingers out.

Evan used a towel he had deposited on the bed with the dildo to wipe off his fingers.  John watched through hooded eyes, breathing heavily, as Evan reached forward and scooped up the spunk from his belly.  Evan smeared it onto his cock before pressing the thick head against John’s ass.  A small thrust and Evan was just inside of John’s opening.  John felt the burning as Evan pulled apart his butt cheeks and began to inexorably insert himself into John’s ass.  Sheppard’s eyes glazed in a mixture of pain and desire as he looked down to where their bodies were joined, watching Lorne’s flesh disappear into his own.  John struggled and fought against his bindings, trying to drive Evan deeper, quicker.  He wanted to see that tight control flee from Evan’s face and to that end, began to squeeze Evan’s cock with his tight muscles each time Evan pulled out.  Every time Evan thrust forward, John did his best to relax his muscles and allow Evan to go deeper.  His plan seemed to be taking effect as Evan’s movements became more rapid, more vicious; his thrusts deeper, his breathing ragged.  John reveled in the feelings as the pain turned to a pleasure he had never even imagined before.  Evan was thrusting hard now, long, deep strokes as he lost control.

“Fuck, John, yes!  That’s it,” he gasped as John continued to squeeze him on the out-going thrusts, open for him on the in-coming ones, thrusting his own hips up and down to meet each of Evan’s thrusts.  John moaned as Evan’s flesh slammed into his over and over.  The sound of flesh slapping flesh and ragged breathing filled the room, along with the musky scent of sex as Evan continued to fuck John for all he was worth.  Just when he thought he must surely die from so much pleasure, Evan pushed deeper, his breath hitched and he cried out, pouring his seed into John’s ass.  John could feel Evan’s cock throbbing as he pulsed jet after jet of creamy spunk into his body. 

Slowly, Evan pulled out of John and lay on his body.  John couldn’t even begin to describe the feelings going through him as Evan cuddled him close.  He felt his cock twitch once more at the nearness of Evan’s flesh.  Evan looked up at him and grinned, a Cheshire cat grin.  He reached back for the lube and John watched in fascination as his new lover lubricated up his own ass before settling so that the head of John’s cock was just at the opening of his ass.  Evan reached back once more, this time to pull his cheeks a bit apart.  Slowly, he settled on John’s erection, sitting back to take him all in.  He rose and fell, rose and fell, fucking himself on John’s cock.  John was sure he’d never seen anything so sexy as his junior officer impaling himself on his long cock.  Evan’s moves became quicker, harder, and soon John felt the build-up once more.  He emptied himself into Evan’s ass and then Evan was snuggling him once more.  After a moment, Evan reached up to remove John’s gag.

“What’d you think?”  Evan asked, sounding shy.

“Christ, Evan.  I don’t think I thought at all.  That was…I mean…Jesus.”

Evan chuckled.  “Wanna do it again sometime?”
“Wish I could do it again now, but I’m like Wraith bait—completely dried out.  Damn, man, where’d you learn to fuck like that?”

“Sorry, Colonel.  I never kiss and tell.  Let’s get you cleaned up.”  Evan rose and made his way to the bathroom, returning a moment later with a soapy washcloth.  Gently, he swabbed John’s cock, balls, and ass, then returned to the bathroom to drop off the cloth.  Coming back into the bedroom, he walked over and sat beside John on the bed.  “We’ll sleep a bit, and then maybe we can play some more.”  Evan lay beside John, pulling a blanket over them both. 


“Yeah John?”

“Happy Birthday.”

“Thanks, John.”

John was nearly asleep when a thought occurred to him.  “Evan?”

Silence greeted Sheppard for a moment ant then he heard Lorne’s voice, very softly.  “Yeah John,” Evan replied on a yawn.

“What were you planning on doing with that dildo.”

“It’s not a dildo, John.  It’s a vibrator, operated by remote control.”

John’s eyes snapped open in the dark room, his gaze flicking fearfully down at Evan’s dark head, nestled so innocently on his chest.  “G’night, Colonel.”

John made an inarticulate sound as Evan’s breathing evened out and he began to snore softly.


Tags: author: whytewytch4, pairings: lorne/sheppard

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