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24 July 2010 @ 07:53 pm
Fic: You Saved Me  

Title: You Saved Me
Author: Gamilaroi
Preship John/Evan
Beta: Deb otherwise known as Rinkrat.
Word count: 2609
Prompt: Lorne/Sheppard- Evan is in a abusive relationship and John finds out and saves him.
Rating/warnings: Minor violence
Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate Atlantis, but I do own any original characters that I create.
Notes: For the Summer Lorne Fest at http://community.livejournal.com/slashing_lorne/ and not exactly how I thought it would turn out.

Colonel John Sheppard entered the briefing room for another boring meeting with the heads of each department. He saw each of his teammates; Teyla Emmagan, Ronon Dex and Dr. Rodney McKay. Along with Dr. Astra O’Neill, who was head of archaeology and languages, Dr. Carson Beckett their CMO, Dr. Radek Zelenka, Dr. David Parrish, Dr. Anna Bateman, Dr. Michael Latham, Dr. Declan Taylor and Dr. Angela Field. All heads of their various departments along with some others he didn’t really know.

When John laid his eyes on his XO, Major Evan Lorne, he instinctively became concerned when he observed a black right eye and bruised left cheek. When John tried to make eye contact, the Major would avoid him. The Colonel sat down next to his XO and when Dr. Elizabeth Weir walked in, she sat on his other side.

John couldn’t concentrate throughout the meeting as he worried about Evan. He’d never admit to anyone that he’d fallen for the handsome young man. He kept his feelings to himself and would spend as much time as he could with the Major. Once the meeting was over he hurried to catch up with Evan as they walked the halls of Atlantis.

“Is everything going okay, Major?”

“Yes, sir. I’m getting ready for my team’s mission to P4X799, the Tolnan’s that Dr. O’Neill befriended last year,” Evan replied, avoiding his Commanding Officers concerned gaze.

“I remember them, I was there. Going to their Summer Festival? I’m sure they have some other name for it, you’d have to ask your archaeologist,” John remembered. “Watch out for their wine, it has a hell of a kick.”

“We’ve been there a few times on trade negotiations, but I haven’t tried the wine and thanks for the warning, sir. I know some of my team members tried it,” Evan said, an evil grin flashed across his handsome face and his bright eyes twinkled with mischief.

Evan had a fair idea of what John’s question was directed at and Evan didn’t want to say anything and he also wasn’t sure about Sheppard yet, even though he’d came with Colonel Everett’s team through the Stargate during the siege.

“No thanks due to Dr. O’Neill’s help. She seems to have a knack for these things,” John said, his voice full of praise and respect for the young archaeologist. “Astra mentioned she worked with you back at the SGC,” he said casually.

“Yeah, for a few years on a regular team; that’s why I chose her again for my team,” Evan confirmed.

“Good luck,” John said, he then paused. “If you ever need someone to talk to, my door’s always open.”

“Thank you, Colonel,” Evan replied, nodding his head and continued to the armory.

When Evan arrived at the armoury he found Astra waiting with Mahendra Tendulkar their Athosian guide. His XO, Captain Jason Wood hadn’t arrived yet and neither had their Marine, Lieutenant Wyatt Van Ingen.

“That’s a nice bruise there, Evan,” Astra remarked, as she helped him with his pack.

Evan glanced up at his archaeologist and wasn’t surprised the young woman had noticed it. They had been friends for a long time and had no secrets between each other. For example, Evan knew she was in a steady relationship with McKay though he didn’t see the attraction and found the man annoying at the best of times, but she was his best friend and he loved and respected her. Astra also knew that Evan was in a steady relationship with Dr. Declan Taylor. Declan was a Xenobiologist; someone who studied animals.

“Just drop it, As,” Evan ordered, flinging his pack over his shoulder. To his relief, Mahendra remained silent.

“Did Declan hit you again? I’ve seen the bruises and the marks. He beats you and God knows what else he does to you. You need to tell someone,” she said angrily, glaring at the Major.

“Leave it, As,” Evan gave her a final warning when Wood and Van Ingen walked in. He was relieved when the archaeologist said no more about the bruise, but he knew the first chance she got she would bring it up again. He sighed and lead the way to the Jumper Bay.


When Evan came back a few days later to the apartment he shared with Declan, he was glad to see his own quarters. He enjoyed going off world, but he wouldn’t admit to anyone that he also enjoyed the comforts of home, even if he was a trained soldier.

After waving the door opened he was surprised to see Declan waiting for him, for he had assumed his lover would be in his lab working on his current project. Declan was tall and thin with fiery short red hair that spiked in all directions. His eyes were bright blue and his complexion was fair with a slight tan. The scientist wore the standard BDUs and jacket, but his were blue to show he was a scientist. He had an Irish flag on his right shoulder.

All Evan wanted to do was have a shower, eat a decent meal and rest. He wasn’t in the mood for his lover’s games. Evan had thought everything was alright between himself and Declan when they were dating. Declan was a charmer and had a charisma about him that Evan had fallen for. The Major knew the scientist had a temper for he heard rumours while they had been dating, but had never been at the end of it until they had moved into together. He’d never admit that he was sometimes afraid of Declan and what he could do. He often lived in fear whenever he got home and prayed that his lover would always be in a good mood, thought it wasn’t always the case.

Declan had lost his temper before his mission, accusing Evan of seeing Sheppard behind his back. After their fight he had been left with a black eye and bruised ribs. He eventually learned that Declan was jealous and possessive. The Major found it hard to retain male friends for Declan would often fly into a jealous rage and Evan would bare the brunt of his attack.

The only reason Astra found out was because she’d suspected a change in him and had confronted him when she started noticing the bruises and marks courtesy of Declan. He’d sworn her to secrecy and not to tell anyone. He’d been glad when she’d reluctantly agreed to. Evan dumped his bag on the floor and stared warily at his lover, bracing himself for any onslaught.

“What is it, Declan?” Evan finally asked, sighing tiredly when he heard the door click. He knew that Declan had been given the Gene therapy by Dr. Beckett.

“I’ve noticed you’ve been spending time with Colonel Sheppard lately,” he announced.

“Colonel Sheppard is my Commanding Officer and I’m his XO. I report to him and we have a lot of meetings,” Evan answered.

“I mean, as in after hours, more than colleagues,” Declan corrected, stepping closer.

“Declan, love. You know you are the only one for me and the Colonel and I are not only work mates, but friends, nothing more,” Evan tried to reassure his lover.

Astra was on her way to Evan’s quarters to see him about their current mission to the Tolnan’s and heard a crash after she’d knocked on his door.

“Evan!” She called frantically.

She pressed her ear against the Major’s door, hearing something like a scuffle and more noise. There was a thud and someone cursing.

“Evan!” She yelled again, banging on his door.

Astra feared for her friend and team leader. She knew Evan would never strike anyone unless he had no choice. When there was no response Astra automatically pressed her ear piece.

“Colonel Sheppard!” Astra radioed anxiously.

“Sheppard,” John replied, alarmed to hear the normally calm archaeologist in a mad panic. “What can I do for you, Doc?”

“I need you down at Evan’s quarters now, John! He’s not responding and it sounds likes there’s something going on between him and Declan inside. I’m worried about Ev,” she said, fear in her voice.

“I’ll be right there,” John answered.

“Bring a team of Marines, you may need them,” Astra advised, clicking the radio off.

John responded quickly and headed to the Major’s room via the armoury. He knew Astra would not have called for such actions unless she thought the situation was bad. When he arrived there, said archaeologist was pacing in front of the door after trying one more time. She looked sick with worry and fear. There was also a hint of anger in her eyes.

“Call Rodney to come and get the door open. I can’t rig it the way he does,” she advised him.

John nodded in agreement and pressed his radio. “McKay!”

“What? I’m busy here on…”

“I need your help to over ride Lorne’s door. Your girlfriend has demanded your assistance,” John said.

“I’ll be right there,” Rodney replied.

It wasn’t long before Rodney was there with his laptop in his hands and shoving his way in between the crowd of Marines, until he positioned himself in between his friend and lover. He hooked his laptop immediately up to Evan’s door and raced his fingers across the keys.

“There,” Rodney said smugly, when he heard the door unlock and unplugged his laptop.

“You two better stand to one side. I don’t want either of you getting hurt,” John commanded.

Astra allowed Rodney to pull her away to a safe distance and felt him wrap his arm around her.

Evan was lying on the floor facing Declan when he heard a familiar voice. Declan had stabbed him in the ribs and Evan knew he had totally lost it this time.

“Lower the knife, Dr. Taylor,” John ordered. He had his stunner ready.

Something in the other man’s eyes sent a shiver down John’s spine. John was scared and angry that Evan had been hurt. He was also ashamed that he wasn’t aware that the Major was seeing anyone or had been abused by them. John had long given up hope that Major Lorne was anything but straight. He was quick to stun the scientist when he raised his knife again. John raced to Evan’s side and knelt down next to the Major.

“Sheppard,” Evan groaned.

“Hey, Lorne,” John said softly.

“Who told you?”

“Your archaeologist,” John answered. “She was in hysterics when she contacted me. Seeing as the Doc doesn’t act like that very often, I knew something wasn’t right. Hang in there and I’ll contact Dr. Beckett.”

Evan drifted off and when he woke, he saw a white ceiling and smells that he could only pin point in the infirmary. He wasn’t surprised to see his teammates, who were currently asleep. Evan was grateful for their support. He was stunned to find Colonel Sheppard awake and sitting there with him too.

“Sir,” Evan said, trying to sit up.

“Take it easy, Major. You’ve been stabbed. I thought I lost you there for a while,” John said softly. “You should have told someone what was happening,” he scolded gently.

“I did. I told Astra.”

“I know you two are best friends from the SGC. I meant you should have told Elizabeth or me.”

“I might as well have admitted I was gay and you would have had to arrest me, Sir.”

“It doesn’t quite work that way here on Atlantis. Yes, if we were on Earth I would have, but Elizabeth and I would have worked something out to keep you here. You’re a good officer, Lorne and an excellent XO. I wouldn’t want to have to train another one.”

“Don’t you mean it’s the other way around, Colonel?” Evan teased a little, glad to be alive. A faint smile played across his lips.

“I couldn’t have afforded to loose you,” John said more seriously.

Evan glanced up at John with surprise and wondered at the tone in his voice. He studied the other man’s face and only saw honesty and sincerity, maybe love in John’s eyes. Evan wasn’t sure if he’d seen it as the look was gone as quickly as it came.

Though, the Major was positive he felt a slight brush across his fingers from John. Yet, the mood was broken when he heard a cough from one of his team mates.

“Ahem,” Jason said cautiously, his face a brightly shade of pink. He felt he was interrupting something between his team leader and Commanding Officer. “We would like to speak with Major Lorne if that’s okay, Colonel Sheppard?”

John sighed and inclined his head to Captain Wood.; “Yes, you can spend a few minutes with him. Dr. Beckett said he needs plenty of rest.”

“What is to become of Dr. Taylor?” Mahendra finally asked.

“He is to be sent back to Earth and to face trials there. He will be no longer allowed or welcomed back at Atlantis, the SGC, Area51 or any other related programs. I’m not sure what punishment he will receive, but I am sure there will be a lengthy time in jail in his cards,” John answered honestly.

“Good,” Astra approved. “May he rot there,” she said, saying something else in Irish Celtic that sounded like swearing to John and Evan.

“Okay, Mamma bear, go talk to Major Lorne and then we can go eat,” Jason said, pushing Astra gently towards Evan.

Evan gave John an apologetic look. “Sorry, sir, they mean well,” he said, sighing when he heard Jason and Astra arguing.

“Don’t push me or call me Mamma bear, Woody or I’ll make sure McKay gives you cold showers for a week,” she threatened.

“I’m scared,” Jason drawled, winking at John and Evan.

Both John and Evan watched highly amused at their mock fights. They both knew there was no heat or malice in their words. John knew that Evan’s team was as close as what his team was and would do anything for each other. The Colonel trusted Evan and his team to back his team up with their lives any day of the week.

John quietly left to allow Evan to have a few minutes in private with his team. He was glad his XO was alive and would get better.


A few days later, John returned to visit Evan with a tray for both of them. The Major was awake and drawing in a sketch pad that his teammates had brought him, something else that he didn’t about the Major.

‘Something else I have to rectify and learn more about,’ John thought.

“Hey, sir,” Evan greeted, now used to seeing his CO on a regular basis in the infirmary.

Evan looked forward to John’s visits. He always brought something; a book, a movie, regular food, cards and art related items.

“Thank you, sir,” Evan accepted the tray eagerly.

He couldn’t wait to get out of there, even if it was just going back to light duty. He was going crazy with boredom. The visit from his team mates, friends and CO kept him going. Evan even had a visit from Elizabeth a few times, though it had been awkward. The Major had appreciated her effort.

“You know when you get released from here, we will have to go on a real date,” John suggested, once he was sitting down and eating his meal.

“You mean that, sir? As, in a proper date?” Evan asked surprised.

“Yes, I do,” he confirmed. “And it’s John,” he reminded Evan.

“Okay, John, that would be really great,” Evan agreed, with a nervous laugh and a shy smile that matched Sheppard’s.
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Ki: Lorne smirksomehowunbroken on July 24th, 2010 10:24 am (UTC)
Whoa, you stabbed Lorne! Even I haven't gotten around to whumping him like that yet. :) Interesting idea!
Elorienlorientad on July 24th, 2010 10:04 pm (UTC)
cute! but poor lorne! what is it with him always being in an abusive relation? i mean i love seeing sheppard rescue him, but i love Lorne too much to see him hurt so often. but i love your story none the less.
gamilaroi: Evan Lornegamilaroi on July 25th, 2010 04:25 am (UTC)
Thank you both for taking the time to read it and leave comments. I really appreciate it!

I love Lorne and I love whumping him as you get to make him feel better at the end. ;)
spacedogflspacedogfl on July 25th, 2010 05:45 am (UTC)
Good story. I like how you portrayed his team. But poor Evan! People need to be nice to him!
gamilaroi: Evan Lornegamilaroi on July 25th, 2010 12:36 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading and reviewing!! Evan's team are my original characters. It's all the fun to whump him. ;)