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SG-1/SGA(lorne) [Smut Fic - Week 2/prompt #5]

Title: I might like you better if we slept together...
Author: vagablonde
Rating: Mature
Warnings: slash
Word Count: 1296
Summary: Lorne and McKay, alone on a planet…again.
Author's Notes: written for ironman7 Smut week!

It was the third time this week Sheppard had stuck him with McKay and Lorne was starting to wonder what he'd done to piss the Colonel off. Whatever it was, it had been bad on a cosmic-destruction-of-universes bad.

McKay was in the corner of the library they'd be assigned to check out, complaining bitterly about the waste of his abilities on what was basically a make-nice-with-the-friendly-planet-hand-holding mission.

"These people have nothing in the way of useful technology or even a decent collection of historical books. I may actually have to write a new formula in order to calculate the enormity of time I am wasting here."

"Give it a rest, McKay," Lorne snapped, harsher than the other ten times he'd said it today.

"That's easy for you to say, your questionable skills are actually being put to use here on Planet Backwater," McKay picked up a book and blew dust off of it. "Well, at least they were, before we were banished to the library."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Lorne's patience was nearing an end.

"Well, we are in a library, surrounded by books which of course would need to be read - "

Lorne grabbed two fistfuls of pale blue shirt and backed McKay roughly across the room to collide with the far wall in a full body press. It was time to take a new approach.

"Major - !"

"I'm tired, McKay, really, really tired. This is the tenth planet I've been on in ten days and I am not in the mood to listen to you whine about everything damned thing in every damned room we go into, DO YOU HEAR ME?? So if you have something constructive to say, say it, otherwise SHUT IT!""

McKay swallowed, squeaking out a noncommittal noise of sorts.

"Well?" Lorne demanded, giving McKay a shove and pressing him further into the wall. He wanted to give McKay every opportunity to understand how serious he was.

Which is how he discovered McKay was attracted to him. The evidence was pretty unmistakable given his proximity to the other man. McKay's hard-on pushed against the fabric of his issued pants and against Lorne's hip. He flexed his own hips experimentally and produced the squeaking noise again.

"Something you want to talk about, Rodney?"


"You sure?"

Lorne ground his hips into McKay's groin. This time McKay whimpered.

"What was that - I didn't catch it," Lorne continued to thrust slowly and deliberately against McKay.

"I, uh…the, uh…door, the door - "

"Nobody's there Rodney."

McKay sagged against the wall, his knees unsteady under the assault of Lorne's hips. Lorne guided McKay's hand down to his crotch, wrapping McKay's fingers around his hardening cock.

"You - you're interested?"

"Doc, parts of me are very interested - " Lorne agreed. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Because I'm me. And I didn't think you even liked me."

"Maybe it's time to try and change that."

Lorne leaned up a bit and brought McKay's mouth to his. With Rodney's tongue sliding around his teeth and his fingers flexing around his cock, Lorne groaned, the sound long and drawn out. He broke free of McKay and crossed to lock the door of the older room.

"Major - ?" Rodney squeaked.

"Drop your pants, McKay," he replied, unzipping his tac-vest and dropping it across the dusty books.


"Would you rather go outside?"

"Uh, no…no. Here is good."

McKay fumbled with the zipper of the pants, finally managing to undo them. He stood there holding the two sides of the zip together, looking around.

"Where - "

"Drop 'em."

McKay let the pants fall around his ankles. Lorne turned him to face the wall, pulling his hips away to leave Rodney slightly bent at the waist with his hands braced against the wall. Lorne reached up and took one of McKay's hands, bringing it down to his cock.

"Jack yourself."

McKay complied, yanking at his cock like a Chihuahua on speed.

"Take it easy, McKay," Lorne ordered, punctuating his words with a quick slap on Mckay's pale ass.

The shock of the spanking shot through McKay and he groaned, faltering in his efforts to jerk himself off, slowing down by default.

"That's more like it. Take your time."

Lorne undid his belt and unbuttoned his BDU's, pulling his own cock out to bob languidly in front of him, the leaking tip brushing the reddened area of McKay's ass and leaving a smear of pre-cum. Lorne fished in a cargo pocket of his pants and withdrew a condom, ripping the foil in his teeth and rolling it onto himself. McKay looked up from his attentions.

"You brought a condom!"

"It's my emergency stash," Lorne grinned.

McKay returned to jerking himself, his grunts telling Lorne he was close. Lorne covered McKay's hand with his own, leaning in close to McKay's ear.

"Come, Rodney, come all over my hand," he said low and quiet. "Fuck your fist and come all over me…"

That did it for McKay. His hips jerked and his cock shot cum over Lorne's hand as requested. Lorne ran his hand over McKay's and his cock, covering himself in cum. He slicked cum on the condom and slid his fingers between McKay's asscheeks, pressing in while McKay was still coming down from his orgasm. McKay pushed back on him, groaning, his ass sliding over Lorne's fingers.

"I think you're ready - "

McKay nodded, his knees not entirely solid. Lorne lined his cock up and pushed past the ring of muscle to slip inside Rodney, pushing in until he was buried in McKay's ass, his balls slapping against him. He pulled out, but when McKay pushed backwards again Lorne slammed back into him and brought his hand down against the still pinkened flesh. McKay clenched around him tight and hot and so Lorne smacked him again, rewarded by the same sort of milking again.

"Jack yourself again - " Lorne told him.

"I can't - I'm not - "

Jack yourself!" he said again, louder - an order.

McKay complied, hardening in his hand, his ass clenching around Lorne's cock.

"Come on, McKay," Lorne urged, "come all over the wall," scoring his words with another open-palmed slap.

McKay grunted, his muscles tightening down on Lorne's cock.


Lorne felt the orgasm hit him, hard and fast and good, washing through his groin. He threw his head back and rode it out, vaguely aware that McKay was holding both of them up by collapsing into the wall. He pulled himself out of McKay's ass slowly, already regretting the loss of tight heat around him. Pulling the condom off, he knotted it and pulled a bag from another of his cargo pockets.

"God - you are a boy scout!" McKay snorted.

Smiling, Lorne drew a small package of moist wipes from the same pocket and handed one to McKay.


"No." McKay cleaned himself up and shoved the wipe into Lorne's bag while Lorne did the same, going over to unlock the door once they'd both refastened their various pieces of clothing.

McKay went back to work on the books without further comment. After a relatively short period of time, he glanced up.

"Do - "

"Ah-ah-ah," Lorne warned, holding up a finger for silence.

"You really don't like me, do you?"

Lorne thought a second before answering. "I don't think we're the types who will hang out for beers and chips and football," he admitted.

"Oh, okay," McKay accepted.

He turned several pages in the book in front of him before adding, without looking up, "Does that mean we can't do this again?"

"Oh, yeah, Doc, we will definitely be doing this again."

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