you can call me george (vagablonde) wrote in slashing_lorne,
you can call me george

SG-1/SGA(lorne/sheppard) Ironman7 Smutfic - Week 2/prompt #6

Title: Say It.
Author: vagablonde
Rating: Mature for sexual situations
Warnings: smut
Word Count: 190
Summary: Lorne. Sheppard. Smut.
Author's Notes: Who's really the one in charge here...

"Say it!"

He held his tongue, refusing to speak, not even as the wax hit his skin.

"SAY IT," the command came again, again accompanied by the sharp bite of heat on his thigh, burning into the sensitive flesh.

He closed his eyes, still seeing the flicker of light behind his eyelids, waiting the interminable pause as wax melted into the caldera of the candle, gathering, pooling -

"SAY IT." There was no trace of sympathy left in the words as the wax spilled onto his skin again, followed by the rake of nails across injured flesh.

He clenched his teeth, his body shaking alive with the pleasure the pain invoked.

"SAY IT!" Fingers tore into his hair, forcing his head back, exposing his throat as the wax poured over his skin - again.'

"Say it - " but this time softer, and words that were an afterthought pleaded - "for me."

He swallowed, his throat dry and raw.

"Please - " he whispered.

The quick rasp of snaps and his cock, hard and purpled, was buried in the waiting mouth, his body emptying into John Sheppard's long, beautiful throat.
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