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23 July 2007 @ 12:18 am
Fic - Hop, Skip, Jump  
Title: Hop, Skip, Jump (Part 1)
Authors: just me, samaurai_pyoko
Pairing: Lorne/Parrish "Friendship"
Rating: R
Series: None, Yet
Summary: Lorne and Parrish accidentally travel through the gate from the opposite side of the swoosh and get to live out the worst of McKay's reverse-wormhole theories. Team!Lorne members: Evan Lorne, Marcus Lorne, Cadman and Parrish.

Cross-Posted at the SGA_Noticeboard.

"NOTE to the Uninformed:: Evan Lorne and Marcus Lorne are both in this fic. They are twins! <33

HOP, SKIP, JUMP... Part One

Evan Lorne visits David Parrish in the science labs, just a casual thing, to see how the botanist is getting on after their Mysterious Plant Collection Mission #4. Some silly flower had made contact with Evan's boot, the flower less crushed than Parrish was, if the botanist's howl was any indication.

At least the flower managed to die quietly.

Parrish, who would usually pull a McKay and babble on about all the new and exciting things he had discovered on the mission, was stone quiet the entire way back to the Stargate. He was clutching his bag of equipment in his hands like a teddy bear, switching back and forth between casting Evan evil looks and avoiding making eye contact entirely.

It wasn't that Evan felt guilty about the whole situation, but having an Atlantis scientist with a grudge against you was something one would tend to avoid. Even if Parrish was just a plant-lover and couldn't boost the temperature in Evan's quarters, or make the water in his shower cold enough to run ice-cubes... Evan wasn't exactly thrilled with waking up one morning and finding dead, shriveled flowers in a heap of potting soil just outside his door.

Parrish is hunched over a lab table messing with some type of soil that he'd gathered from that particular mission. Evan resists the urge to roll his eyes because he knows that Parrish knows he's there and Parrish is ignoring him like a little child.

"So," Evan starts, after a deep breath. "Find anything?"

Parrish is putelant and ignores him. Evan wants to leave, but instead decides to encite a reaction. He leans over Parrish's shoulder and reaches out with his right hand to poke at the soil. That does it and Parrish grabs Evan's wrist just as he makes contact with it---it's thick, oily and doesn't feel much like the dirt on Earth.

"Don't touch it!" Parrish snaps, facing a glare at his team leader.

Evan shrugs, then pulls back. "Sorry. Didn't know that dirt was so... dangerous?"

Parrish gives him a look of annoyance, then turns his back again, attention focused on the soil once more. This is not going well.

Clearing his throat, almost awkwardly, Evan shifts foot to foot, then turns away, leaning against the table. "Sorry about your flower."

The statement seems genuine, but Parrish bites his lip. He's still upset. "Apologies don't bring it back, Major."

Evan sighs, folding his arms across his chest, ignoring the tingling in his right hand. "We can find another one."

Parrish brightens. "Weir is sending us back for another look? How? When? I thought she said---"

"How quickly can you get suited up?" Evan drawls. At least he can do this much.

SGA-2 is in the gate room less than an hour later. Parrish is grinning ear to ear, chattering away to a vaguely annoyed and bored-looking Cadman. Lieutenant Marcus Lorne, Evan's younger twin brother and the forth member of SGA-2, gives Evan a slight shove on the shoulder. There's a grin planted on Marcus' face and Evan stifles an annoyed groan as he ignores the sudden pulsing in his right arm.

"So," Marcus says, conspiratorially, "plants?"


"How'd you manage to get Weir to clear this one, Eve?"

Evan rolls his eyes. "I have connections. What can I say, I have some major sway with the bosses."

"Oh." Marcus' face drops into a serious glare as he catches onto the pun, then he leans close. "So. You're sleeping with her then?"

Sputtering, Evan lands a thwack onto his twin's upper arm. "Mars, no! Gross."

Marcus simply grins and turns toward the gate.

Evan's arm is throbbing all the way up to his shoulder. He thinks about calling off this whole thing, but then he catches Parrish in his peripheral vision. The botanist is bouncing with excitement, so pleased and so in contrast from the sharp flower-induced depression from earlier, that Evan just can't bring himself to do it.

Opposed to popular Atlantis opinion, he does have a heart. And he uses it too. Occasionally.

When he really, really has to.

Evan falls from his thoughts and back to the real world, vaguely registering a great many pokes being applied to his arm. He looks sideways, a little bit too far, and sees Parrish staring at him.

“We have a go, yknow,” Parrish mutters, “So anytime you wanna...?”

Cadman and Marcus had already traveled through the 'Gate and Evan swears. He takes a step forward with his left foot and realizes that the entire right side of his body is just one massive sensation of tingly. He tries to speak but it comes out as a strange gagging noise. He tries to move is feet and they work, but he quickly realizes that they aren't obeying him like they should be.

Evan stumbles forward, but at an angle and finds himself walking around the gate instead of through it.

“Major Lorne?” comes the concerned screech of a voice that might've been Weir from the control room, “What are you doing?”

He tries to speak, tries his very best, but he can't because the skin-tingling feel has risen over his right shoulder and now covers the entire bottom half of his face. Evan hopes that he doesn't drool, then realizes that drooling is such a silly thing to worry about at such a time.

Parrish follows him, chattering away worriedly, saying something incoherent about soil and touching things. He reminds Evan of McKay.

He's behind the Stargate, and all of McKay's reverse-wormhole theories are bolting through his head at light speed.

“Wait!” Parrish cries out, his voice booming and echoing in Evan's ears, “You can't—I mean you shouldn't—It's not--!”

Parrish grabs Evan by the back of his tac vest, intending to pull him away from the event horizon, but it has the opposite effect. The pair stumble forth, disappearing into the blue.

Weir looks on, horrified, and opens her mouth to yell out something, but a pair of people burst through the front of the Stargate in a frenzy.

Parrish's clothing is torn in places. He's sporting a bruise on his jaw and has a slight limp. His leg is roughly splinted and he's dragging a bloody and unconscious Evan behind him.

“Medic!” Parrish screams and even Chuck can tell that the botanist is hysterical. “Medic!!”

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Dream Painter: karate chopquenderra on July 23rd, 2007 05:30 am (UTC)
I *cannot* believe you did that to me! Great fic so far, but I must warn you: if you don't continue it, and like soon, I will hunt you down and fine some means to extract it from your brain.

That said...

OMG!!! I LOVE it!!! You MUST continue!!!!
samaurai_pyoko: stevesamaurai_pyoko on July 23rd, 2007 05:33 am (UTC)
Oh you liiiike being strung out like that! xD
Dream Painter: bettaquenderra on July 23rd, 2007 05:34 am (UTC)
Only when I *know* the story will go on. *smirk*

Just remember... I may not know where you live, but I know where you're going!
samaurai_pyoko: handholdingsamaurai_pyoko on July 23rd, 2007 05:36 am (UTC)
YES!! VANCOUVER!! TO LIVE!! (Where Stargate is filmed) WOOO!!! *everybody is jealous of meee*